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  • Bennecia Taylor

Family Ties: Freedom In Forgiveness

By definition, family is the bloodline that you are related to by birth. The group of people that you are taught to love and care about you more than any others. But what happens when…. they don’t? Is blood really thicker than water? As cliché as that statement is, it wasn’t for me.

Growing up, I struggled with where I fit in with my paternal family. My parents and I would visit for different occasions throughout the year, but it was never pleasant for me. It seemed as though, no matter what I did or said, there was always an issue. I was what society labeled as “the black sheep” of the family. As big as my family was, I would always feel alone. My own father almost turned against me. And my grandmother didn’t want anything to do with me, putting a wedge between me and other family members. The family was supposed to love me and they didn’t.

Much like Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 4:4, those who were assigned to me, dropped me. So, in a sense I was crippled by the conditions I was subject to. Without any explanation, I was forced into isolation. I couldn’t laugh, look or breath the wrong way. They talked about me. They embarrassed me. And they judged me. There were many, MANY, nights I cried and asked God why me, until He said forgive them.

Family, I forgive you and me. I allowed myself to think I wasn’t good enough, which wasn’t fair to me. Understanding that I would never get an apology, I forgive you. I realized, the way you treated me had NOTHING to do with me. I’ve allowed God to free me from those ties!

You too, can be free with forgiveness! Forgive them and most importantly forgive you! You are not who they said you are, including family!


-Auntie NeNe

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