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  • Kayla Roberson

Express Yourself

Being able to express how you feel is never easy because of fear of judgment, negative feedback, and misperception. When we are unable or do not express ourselves, we suppress important parts of who we are, and it sometimes causes deep internal struggles and a great deal of emotional and mental pain. I can admit I have been in this place; I would always put myself and my feelings on the back burner, but then I would be able to give others around me what they needed.

While, on the inside; I was suffering in silence. Yep, I was the strong friend, sister, cousin, wife, and daughter, etc.…

I was going through life hiding behind a mask and not dealing with my own hurtful experiences. The role of being the strong person is overrated, and I was carrying it like it was a badge of honor. Like, I was this unbreakable person that did not have feelings. It felt good to be a person that could be there for others in their time of need, but I was not making sure I was always good first. See the one thing about being strong, is you must make sure you stay full of what keeps you going.

For example, in' the natural we must feed our bodies food and water to be able to maintain daily, well it is the same way with our spirit man, we must have our daily spiritual food which is time with God and reading his word. If not, you will just give, and give and give and then you will become depleted. At this point, it gives way to the enemy to have a field day with your thoughts. Trust me, I have been there and done that. I can remember I started thinking to myself no one cares about me, when I need someone no one is ever there for me, then I had to realize, I had been portraying to be a person that did not need anyone, and I never talked about what I was dealing with, so I can’t be mad at anyone but myself. I want to encourage you today to always express yourself to others around you, do not be afraid to show vulnerability, set boundaries, as to how you allow people to have access to you, always make sure you are full, and allow the people around you to catch your overflow.

Coach Kayla

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