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  • Kayla Roberson

Everything New

I must admit that over the years, I haven’t been a person that has adapted to change very well. When things changed in my life, it seemed to almost always cause me a great deal of stress, but through it all, I walked away victorious in every situation. It wasn’t easy but, when I think back on those times, I was being stretched by the change and new experiences, which led to so much growth. When we encounter seasons of growth in life, it sometimes requires us to dismantle our old way of thinking and replace it with new and helpful ones. In this new year, if we want to see fresh experiences from God, we must be willing to embrace a new mindset, new attitude, and new perspectives, and then we can expect new results. We must ask God daily to renew our minds and give us his perspective on our circumstances. I challenge you today, to not make this new year another year of old cliché and resolutions, but to focus more on being the best person that you can be. Make a solid commitment to yourself, and others around you that this will be a year that everything about you will be new in some way. The year 2023 will be about learning, changing, and growing.

Coach K

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