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  • Erica Roberts

Don’t let Rejection Take Hold of You.

Has there been a time in your life when rejection has taken over and all of a sudden there is constant crying, not eating, isolation and a feeling when you feel as if you want to end it all. Being rejected can lead to self-blame and cause you not wanting to move forward with another relationship. Rejection hurts deep but it doesn’t hold you back from living a successful, happy life. When you let rejection hold you back it can’t wreak havoc in every area of your life.

As a woman who can change the narrative of your life for the greater good, and with much prayer and communication you can overcome and turn a bad experience or situation into something positive. You have the power to overcome rejection by building the resilience you need to get back up, if you don’t get back up then the doors of anxiety and depression will try to overtake you. Sometimes getting rejected can be the best thing to happen to you. Dealing with rejection can help you become a stronger person and can cause you to discover that you are stronger and wiser than you think or even imagine. Everything in life that you go through is a lesson to be learned. You must ask yourself the question, is there something I can learn from this experience, do not beat yourself up about what happened or concentrate on the negative emotions, don’t think on the what if’s, always remember that nothing or no one is perfect, and everything is a learning experience. Learn how to respond differently to being rejected; find the positive in it so that you can move in a different way so that you can find ways to lead a healthy life. Moving forward from any unhealthy situation is so important to your mental and physical health, you must understand why it hurts so much, step back and do some self-examination. Take some time to process your emotions and spend time with those that love you.

Never let being rejected stop you, instead use it to push you forward. Let being rejected be your motivation. A little golden nugget, every successful person has experienced it at one time or another in their life. So the next time you get rejected, do not beat yourself down, simply ask yourself what can you do to move forward, do not sit and cry...oh why me, but instead why not me and see what can you learn from it and move forward.

Coach Erica speaks: Don’t let Rejection Take Hold of You.

When you’ve been rejected and you feel as though the “walls” of flooded emotions are coming down, and you begin to isolate yourself by building emotional walls, don’t build the wall of emotions up again. Catch yourself when you begin to “go melancholy.” Begin to praise God! Praise God like your life depended on it. Pray, tell Jesus all about it. Make a demand for your comforter, the Holy Spirit to comfort you. Stop yourself, if you feel the need to pull away and isolate yourself from others. Make every effort to forgive those who rejected you and you be the one who imitates love. Jesus Knows. Hurting people hurts people, you are the one who build others up, learn from your pain and build a better future for yourself and walk in love and forgiveness. Know that you are lovable, acceptable and a healed healer. When you know whose you are and who you are, nothing else matters. Above all, ‘Forgive.’

-Coach Erica

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