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  • Sabrina Bordley

Dance is My Worship

Music has always been my go-to for everything! Whatever emotion that I am feeling, whatever is troubling my spirit, music has always gotten me to a place of peace. Possibly, the many days of the loud gospel, R&B, or old school in my childhood with no one to monitor the volume has a lot to do with it.

Back in middle school, I discovered a newfound love for dance. Ciera the singer came out with one-two step and nobody couldn’t tell me I wasn’t her, krumping, and snapping my fingers to her tune.

I remember the day I made up my mind that if I can turn up in the club with my friends, then there has to be a way for me to release the same energy for Christ. I didn’t realize I was making a stand to be a worshiper.

I started with a group that involved my siblings. I was always fearful to leap out there on my own, always caught up in what people would say. 2019, It wasn’t until someone believed in me enough to dance solo. Coach Mechelle Canady, owner of Embrace You gave me a chance. She was aware I danced, but she had no evidence of me ministering by myself. I will forever be grateful for her.

Today, I am pushing myself out of the way. Not only is God showing me that my gift will make room for me, but He’s also allowing me to express myself through dance with Sign language for different audiences. The freedom to move my limbs in His presence alone is a high for me. That high is immeasurable.

I compare myself to Jacob who wrestled with an angel, he wasn’t going to let go unless the angel blessed him. I struggle, I get frustrated and I even shut down at times. But God;

We all have a gift(s) that is meant to be used for His glory! Not to be selfish with it but to be selfless. I heard someone say a few years ago “that thing you do effortlessly, that’s your gift.”

Coach Lew-Sapp

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