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  • Sabrina Bordley

Cancerous Characteristics

At first thought concerning this topic I found myself a bit perplexed when the Lord spoke it into my spirit, but I knew He would open it up the more I sat and listened for His instructions. As a Minister of the Gospel we are often deemed with the task of prayer and fasting for the souls that enter and exit the sanctuary. But if I may take just a moment to bring one thought to the forefront of your mind; it's hard to pray for those who are hardheaded, stiff necked, unruly, and down right disrespectful. These traits are called "cancerous characteristics" and if not handled quickly will spread to others and cause an infestation of disfunction and stunted growth in the Ministry.

If you know anything about cancer it can spread rapidly within a manner of seconds and take the life of the strongest person. Cancer has no known cure and can be found in any part of the body. Cancer has no respect of person nor genealogical makeup. When it hits, it hits hard. It can be slowed down and sent back into remission but it takes the Power of the all mighty God to truly remove any of its traits. Just as in the church, kindred spirits find each other and will either build the kingdom or destroy the foundation. As devout church goers we must be careful that we don't allow ourselves to remain mere church goers and become Kingdom Builders.

Kingdom builders should be the CTSCANs of the Ministry. Snipers in the Holy Ghost. The closer your walk with Christ the more likely you will be to recognize when the enemy is on the rise. Now I have to pause just a moment and ask the question, are you a cure or are you a cancer? Wow!!!! I know, heavy right???

As we continue on this journey called faith, we must be cognizant that not everyone will respond in the same manner. There will be some who will refuse to do better, but there will also be those who decide; I no longer want to be cancerous I prefer to provide a cure. And for this reason we check ourselves daily knowing that if we are not careful we too could take on cancerous characteristics.

Coach Sabrina B.

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