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  • Bennecia Taylor

Cancerous Characteristics

Cancer is perceived to be something that is destructive or evil; something that comes to eat away at other things. When we hear that word, we usually tend to think about the disease of cancer. Many forms of cancer have been proven to develop through what we intake, such as food and drinks. The same thing goes for characteristics that are cancerous, what we intake from others can have the potential to be detrimental to our health. This includes relationships that do more harm than good. Taking in or entertaining bad traits from others can take a toll on who we are, ultimately eating away at your core. Cancerous characteristics come in the form of arrogance, deception, dishonesty, violence, envy, hatred and much more. Each one is aggressive and if you aren’t careful, they can sneak up on you.

My ex-husband had many of those cancerous characteristics, many of which I overlooked in the beginning, mainly because I believed that was just a part of who he was. The longer we were together I was able to see that those traits were very toxic! He was very arrogant, dishonest about where he was and who he was with, and envious of my relationships with family and friends. The more I was around him, the more those things started to eat away at me. I was very passive so I would keep quiet about a lot, but one day I just couldn’t take the toxicity any longer. The characteristics that he embodied were starting to destroy who I was because I allowed those things to penetrate my heart. Some cancer forms are passed down through genetics and family history. What I thought was just bad traits within him, I later learned those same traits ran in his family. His dad and brother both had the same characteristics within them as well, which let me know that this was a generational plague. I decided that it wasn’t going to latch on to me!

Much like a cancerous disease, the more you feed it the bigger it grows. I made the decision to “change my diet”! The more I fed those cancerous traits, the bigger they grew. No, I wasn’t feeding into them by engaging them BUT I was feeding them by allowing them to just exist. When people are sick and diagnosed with cancer, the first thing they have to do is seek treatments and things that will help kill the disease, from specialists. Well, my specialist is the specialist of all specialists! I had to go and see the man that can prescribe me just what I need and I had to take it daily. In order for me not to be infected I had to be willing to do away with what was contagious! And I did just that!

Don’t allow cancerous characteristics to invade your space, no matter what the source is! Maintain a healthy diet, intaking only positive things, and do away with anything that will come to drain you!

~Coach B

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