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  • Erica Roberts

Broken to be Blessed.

Truth is there, There’s a blessing in the breaking.

Look back over your life for a quick minute, just a minute don't stay there. Think back of the people who thought they were hurting you. The doors that were closed, the jobs you lost. The family and friends who betrayed you, smiled in your face and drugged your name in the dirt. Past relationships that didn't work out, being abandoned, not fully understanding why this keeps occurring after you had tried everything you know to try.

The breaking that didn't break you but instead it caused you to stand up right, take control of your life, become who you are purposed to be. Brokenness isn't fun, but there can be a blessing as a result of the breaking, if we allow God to accomplish His work in us

and within his timing, don't get discouraged because it's not done when we want it done but His timing is perfect . Your brokenness is when you should draw closer to Him and believe even more in His purpose that He created you for. Pray.... "God I’m trusting you to do your will with this broken vessel (me) so that Your name may be glorified and your Kingdom built through my life's testimony and may others see Jesus through my life. Remember in your brokenness your life may experience some bruises and bumps but there is a blessing ahead of you; you just have to be faithful and patient. The fulfillment of a blessing is tied to your obedience and sacrifice.

The good news is there's a Blessing in the Breaking!!!

In your breaking begin spending your days in the presence of God, Learn of His ways. Begin to worship Him, learn to love, honor and respect Him, not as an invisible God, but as the Living God. Elohim, the All-Mighty, All-Sufficient Eternal One. It was during my brokenness when I learned that Jesus is real and I had an experience of Him wrapping His loving arms around me. He spiritually manifested Himself and I saw God in the image of perfection through His love. I learned what my relationship to Him was about as a follower of Jesus Christ. I learn to depend on Him for everything. I am in a relationship with Jesus.

In my brokenness is when my faith in God increased. It was in this place where I learned that everything works together for my good and that I am not alone, my helper, The Holy Spirit is my comforter and because I am in relationship with God, He provides all of my needs according to His riches and glory. In Him are the BLESSINGS. So all you have to do is believe in the one who is the creator of everything, the one who is all knowing and the one who loves you unconditionally and that's, "The blessing in your brokenness."

~Coach Erica

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