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Breaking Free of the Narcissist Soul Tie

What is Narcissistic? Webster describes it as an individual showing symptom of or affected by narcissism such as: an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Have you ever been tied to a person, or thing, that may have these characteristics? It is draining but a part of you feels like you need to be there, like you are obligated or owe them something to help free them. But in all actuality you are becoming a restless soul because of who you are tied to.

Well for me my restless soul wasn’t free until 01/2021. Well for 28 years I was in a restless soul tie relationship. Ten of those years I was with the person physical the other 18 I struggled to be free. Some may ask why did you stay so long or stay connected? Well as a young girl 16 thinking I was in love and believing everything that was told to me, I believed in him. I guess you can say I was gullible, didn’t really understand my worth. I made the decision to be intimate, at that very moment I became tied to his soul. What many don't understand in the midst of intercourse Right before man reaches his peak a drop of blood comes out this is what connects you; to have a soul tie with that individual or individuals.

Throughout the years, I started to have our kids so at this time I felt I was obligated to stay because we had a family now, I was in the church didn’t want to disowner God or my vows. I took the mentally abuse, the cheating with other women, a baby almost being made. Why because I didn’t know how to free myself because I was afraid of being alone. Even when God said get out, I stayed. For ten years I became a restless soul. I overlooked the narcissist behavior. Time and time again I had to visit the doctor because of the sexually transmitted diseases I would get that could have easily taken my life. But still I stayed. Until one day God said enough is enough creating a situation causing him to walk away. I was divested and hurt. But did this disconnect the soul tie because even after the divorce in 2004 I was so still angry with everyone including God. I wanted some get back so I continue to sleep with him for the next couple of years. Deeply connected to this soul tie, why because I felt I was owed something after all the pain, and time I had put in. Sounds Crazy right?

How did I break free, I had to hit rock bottom and get sick and tired of being sick and tired. I remember my uncle Duke telling my mom, you can talk all you want but until she gets tired nothing is going change. That wasn’t until 2021 I was tired of faking it until I made it for everyone else, including my children. Worrying about what people would say that I was a failure. How she allowed it all for all these years, until that man walked away from her. It wasn't until I faced my trauma that I was open and honest with me. At that moment I repented to God, I asked him to heal my broken heart. So that I could love me for me and the man you had for me. I say to you today. Don't accept the abuse Recognize Narcissist characteristics. Get out and break free. So, you won't become the restless soul as I did for almost 28 years.

Coach Sherise

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