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Boundaries; ‘A line that marks the limits of an area’ There are boundaries put in place for many different things; we have boundaries for where we go and what we do, what we say, eat, and even wear. But how often do we place boundaries for our personal selves? That’s something I can honestly say that I’ve struggled with.

I’m what most people would consider or have said to say, as passive. And I can definitely agree to a certain extent. Growing up, I was very shy, soft spoken, and yes passive. I didn’t really understand boundaries so I didn’t have any in place. I would allow people to say what they would like and do as they please in terms of relationships across the board. I never wanted to be looked at as argumentative and even disrespectful in some cases. I often wondered why people would just feel as though it was ok to do certain things, until I woke up one day. Not having any boundaries in place was starting g to affect my peace!

I realized that I was being quite passive and that I needed to put boundaries in place. And if anyone truly loved me, then they would understand. Boundaries prevent people from crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed! Healthy boundaries are necessary to sustain healthy relationships. In any relationship be it platonic or companionship must have them. There are certain things and lines that shouldn’t be crossed or straddled. Even being in relationship with Jesus has its boundaries. To have a great relationship with Him, there are certain things that cannot be done!

I’m in a place to where boundaries are set in stone, and I refuse to allow them to be crossed! I have a voice and I use it firmly when needed. I’m no longer a doormat, but a door that chooses to swing open or stay shut! If I can encourage you of anything, set healthy boundaries and don’t allow them to be crossed! Be a voice, be heard! Protect your peace!

-Coach B

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