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Between Seasons

When I hear the word season, I immediately think of the four seasons we experience. Winter, spring, summer, fall, and how each season is different. Although spring and summer are similar, and the same for fall and winter, each individual season is still different in its own right! When we are in the midst of one season, we typically spend time in preparation for the next season to come about. We have to also understand that what we do in one season, doesn’t necessarily apply to the next. We don’t prepare summer clothes to go through winter, and we don’t prepare fall clothes to go through spring, right?

So how does this apply to the seasons we experience in our lives?

When we experience seasons in our lives or when we are in between seasons, how we prepare in between the time is important! What you are doing in this current season of your life, you won’t be able to apply to the coming season. This may be the season for you to sit still and listen for instructions, and next season you just apply. Preparing in between seasons allows us to be proactive and not reactive! What you are doing in this current season of your life is the result of how you will get through the next season! You cannot dress the same, walk the same, or talk the same! The in between is not for you to relax, sit back, or become stagnate, it's meant for you to strategize for what’s coming next!

The “in between” is meant for preparation

~Coach B~

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