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Be Yourself

The term "be yourself" means to be true to your core identity rather than faking it because you think it will be more attractive to others. Not being true to yourself brings about so much unnecessary emotional and physical stress. To be quite honest, it’s a slap in God our creator's face. He created you just how he wanted you to be for you to fulfill your purpose. So, although we may not understand or can't control everything we have or will go through in life, the one thing we can control is staying true to ourselves no matter the circumstance. When we embrace who we are, it’s us accepting everything about ourselves, the good, the bad, and the ugly. While walking our journey of acceptance we must learn to genuinely be happy with who we are on the inside. We must get to a point where we don’t allow what people say or think about us to affect our attitude, actions, or self-confidence.

Being yourself starts with defining characteristics that allow you to see yourself in the most well-rounded way. You mustn't allow past choices and behaviors to define who you are, much less hinder you from transitioning into the best person you can be. Lastly, don't reject your emotions, we should acknowledge and accept them, but don't cling to them. When we reject our emotions, it is like rejecting a part of ourselves. Facing our emotions head-on allows us to move on and focus more on our actions. Being yourself will always lead to you getting the best results out of life. Being yourself allows you to be free in every area of your life.

~Coach K

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