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A Message From My Heart

I want to take a moment and share some words of wisdom from my heart today. We must be mindful of our perception of people. Often times , we see a person’s outer appearance and think to ourselves, oh they look good, things must be going great in their life, or wow, they're smiling today, I know they can’t be experiencing any trials or tribulations. Most of the time our assumptions are so far away from the truth. To be quite frank that nice outfit that a person is wearing maybe covering up stress, worry, and doubt, or that smile is hiding pain, hurt , or disappointment.

We are not always aware of what a person may be going through behind the scenes. We just see their outer appearance, and just assume that everything on the inside is good. One thing I'm learning is to show more compassion to people I come in contact with. In these times that we’re living in, everyone has a lot going on, life is not easy and we have been affected by so many life-changing experiences over these past few years. Life as we know it is so different. Each one of us is responsible for our mental health status. So I encourage you to please take time to check on the people you love, and show compassion daily. It's too risky to not pay attention to a person's silent cries for help, or the missed signs of someone drowning in pain and sorrow. It is so easy to overlook the signs of a person suffering in silence when paying more attention to their outer appearance.

~ Coach K

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