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A Born Leader (Squirky)

His birth name is Jamell Jr. But his nanny named him Squirky. Many asked why she named him that. When I brought him home from the hospital in 1996; she said because it is something special about him and God told me to call him Squirky. I would later be told by Bishop Feacher that God had called him from my womb. I was 19 when this little baby boy made me a mother.

As a young mother I prayed over my son and gave him back to God. So, what was in his name that made him so special? Well, he set a tone for his siblings he became their best friend and secret holder. Squirky had to step into some shoes that were too big for him but because of the love and who he was chosen to be he becomes what was in his name a born leader. Many would depend on him, find confidence in him. His name would go places even before his feet would. He would become to have an old soul. Squirky would challenge you if it was something that he didn’t understand and wanted to know, not to be disrespectful but he was very inquisitive about things. He had a unique and strange way about himself, I always told him to be who God called you to be son, even on those times he struggled to understand why he was so different. I would say God set you apart son. You may not be liked by many but command your respect because it’s in your name because God chose you. He spoke that he would be Wing Commander his senior year. In 2013-2014 his Senior he was chosen to be Wing Commander to lead JROTC. He was told to always keep his name clean by Pastor Chever and Squirky would say ma my name is important to me. He would later go off to the military to excel despite what obstacles he would face.

What's in a name, Jesus chose me to be his mother first I promised myself and my children they would not be a static's the street would not raise my sons. I was hard on him because I held on to the promise that God spoke over his life. Was it easy no but it was worth it. Because I held on and Gave God back his word that he spoke over Squirky life; so now even when he may have a day that he may be struggling. I remind him what is in his Name. S-Survior, Q-Qualified, U-Unique, I-I am who God says I am, R Responsible, Y-You are worth it. His nanny Our Rose obeyed God name him Squirky that would be the name that changed my life to be a better me for them my children. It's in the name. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Coach Sherise White

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